# Request Status Codes

For all requests, we will return an HTTP status code that indicates a success or the problem that has led to the failure.

A successful request will be returned with status code 200

# API Error Codes

# 401

Invalid authentication credentials

# 403

You are not allowed to use this endpoint, please upgrade your plan (opens new window).

# 404

A requested endpoint does not exist

# 422

Validation error, please check the list of validation errors: here

# 429

You have hit your rate limit or your monthly limit. For more requests please upgrade your plan (opens new window).

# 500

Internal Server Error - let us know: support@vatcheckapi.com

# 503

The countries VAT validation service is currently not available. You can retry the request at any point to check again.

# Validation errors

# Missing vat_number

The vat_number parameter is required

# Missing country_code

The country_code parameter is required, if the given vat_number has no country code.