# Validate Vat Number

Validates any given vat number and returns its validity and company information

Request Method: GET
Request URL: https://api.vatcheckapi.com/v2/check?vat_number=[[ vat_number ]]

# Request Parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
apikey string Your API Key
vat_number string The vat number you want to query (Either: including the country prefix, or without and you specify the country_code)
country_code string An ISO Alpha 2 Country Code for the vat number (e.g. LU)

# Sample Response

    "country_code": "LU",
    "vat_number": "26375245",
    "format_valid": true,
    "checksum_valid": true,
    "registration_info": {
        "is_registered": true,
        "name": "AMAZON EUROPE CORE S.A R.L.",
        "address": "38, AVENUE JOHN F. KENNEDY\nL-1855  LUXEMBOURG",
        "address_parts": null,
        "checked_at": "2023-01-11T12:30:28.000000Z"
    "registration_info_history": []